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Here's  how we bill you.

First you have to request a quote by filling out an Information Request Form For Quote, found on the left side
of page, after receiving your quote and cutting of the fabric you then can place an order by sending me an Email 
or calling 856-422-0665.


After we receive your email or phone order we will Invoice you at which time you confirm the order and or make 
changes. When all is agreed we then bill you through  PayPal.

Private and Secure
Your financial information is not shared when you send payment.


PayPal is completely free for all U.S. buyers!


Many of our customers  have asked why we built our service with PayPal as the only transaction engine. Simply 
stated, we believe PayPal has created the safest, easiest-to-use, and most cost effective platform for
businesses and individuals to send and receive money. Accordingly, it is our belief that this method of electronic 
money exchange will become a widespread phenomenon over the coming years.

Why should you rely on PayPal for your transactions? Here are a few points about PayPal:

bulletPayPal offers one of the safest platforms for online commerce with fraud rates at a fraction of those of 
typical e-commerce offerings.
bulletPayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American 
Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers.
bulletPayPal offers low merchant rates with no set up or recurring costs.
bulletPayPal successfully completes over 200,000 transactions per day with over 15 million accounts in 39 
bulletPayPal is processing over $12 million in payments per day and has transacted over $5 billion in total 
payments since launching in 1999.
bulletWhile virtually all technology companies have languished in these difficult economic times, PayPal has shown tremendous growth.
bulletPayPal is cash-flow positive with over $150 million in cash in the bank.


We have chosen to build our business on PayPal given this company's phenomenal success and achievements. We hope you can share our confidence here as well. 




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