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Measure across the front (face) of the installed  rod from tip to tip. This measurement is called the rod width and is always expressed first. We will allow for the overlap and returns of the drapery. This is the material that wraps around the ends of the rod. Then from the top of the rod to your required finished length. If draperies are going to the floor measure 1" above the floor. For Decorative Brass rods or wood poles measure from the eye-lit on the ring to length.


How to Measure  Rod Pocket Curtains Or Pinch Pleated Draperies

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We go through all details with you by phone before you order to insure the best fit.

Always measure 
With a metal retractable rule, - cloth or plastic tapes can stretch.
As a guide, tracks should be at 4" (10cm) above the lintel, and poles at 4" (10cm) (a) on chart.
But can be installed at any point from the 4" above the window to the
ceiling. Check with us if your not sure.



Measure the window. The track should usually extend 4"  beyond each side of your window to enable the curtains, draperies to be pulled well back during the day. If you intend to use sheers under draperies, not to worry we make all
allowances. If your going to use a pole then usually it should extend 3.5" beyond each side of window or more. 


There are 3 basic lengths to choose from :

Sill length (D)
Below Sill (E)
Floor length (F)

Curtains should finish
1/2 inch  (1.3cm) above the sill
6" (15cm) below the sill
3/4 inch  (2cm) from the floor and can be any where in-between.

Measure from the point where you wish the top of the curtain to be, down to the required finished length. Follow guide lines and you'll be just fine.

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