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For orders that have been completed and the product in your home, let us know 
what you think by email and we may post it on this page, no address or last 
name well be enter.


Subject: Draperies


I wanted to purchase batiste drapes, and in my search I came across imoods on 
the internet.  

How lucky could I be.

Firstly, Jonathan who is the owner, was so helpful to me.  He answered my questions, told me what to do in order to get proper fit,  made some excellent suggestions.  I sent him photos of the balcony door and windows attached.  
He called me back and went over the possibilities.

Sent me swatches of the material in several colors and called me back to talk 
colors and material, discussed the pleating and length.  Jonathan was the best.

I sent him measurements, he called me to verify and when all details were 
settled, I ordered drapes. I had to prepay with paypal and received paid order receipt.

The draperies are perfect. I had 192 inch wide area to cover.   Seam stitches are clean and hand sewn, color is perfect.  I had 3 to 1 pleating and they look great, color is perfect. They hang perfectly.  Jonathan called me and asked if all was 
well, as is his normal behavior.

He prides himself on his product and he wants to make sure everything is good. 

Would certainly recommend imoods to everyone. Am very pleased with draperies.  Great service, great draperies.

 Thanks, Jonathan, love em.


Forest Park, IL

Have a Pleasant Day,


Subject: Draperies


Hi Jonathan, the sheers arrived yesterday.  They are up and they are PERFECT.  
I am sooooooooooooo happy with them.  Great material  and workmanship.  

Thank you.   Nancy 

Center Rutland VT



Subject: Draperies


I'm very sorry that it took so long to get back to you; my daughter is in the 
middle of buying a new house. She told me that the sheers are fantastic and she thinks they are better than the ones that cost triple the price of yours! We will definitely keep you in mind when we are outfitting her new home.

God bless,

Buffalo NY 

Date: 11/5/2016


Subject: Draperies


Jonathan - I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I LOVE the draperies you 
made for me. They're perfect! Please let me know where I can post my very 
positive reviews!  


South, Utah 

Date: 9/20/15

Subject: Draperies


Dear Jonathan,
I hung the draperies today and they look superb. Thanks for a job well done 
and all your help along the way.



Subject: Service



I just wanted to say a huge "thank you" for a job well done!!!! I love my sheers 
and I couldn't have asked for better service. Attached are photos that you can 
put on your website with my permission along with a copy of what I wrote. 


Thanks again and Happy Holidays! 


Date: 12-18-15





Subject: Service


We hung the drapes a few days ago and after trying to figure out the traverse
pulley, finally got it. They look really nice . Your plan on hanging the rod first 
was great because they hung very easily and are exactly an inch from the floor. thank you so much. I am very satisfied with them.


Date: 1-31-15


Subject: Service


Dear Jonathan; It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I have to admit I had some trepidation entering into an online purchase having to do with the accuracy or lack thereof of my ability to  measure and transmit this information accurately. An inch wrong here or an inch wrong there would be catastrophic. But thanks to your diligence in following up where my information might have been questionable, I am now the proud owner of new full window sheer draperies that look just beautiful. Your placement of the hooks was perfect! All I had to do was hang them where the old ones were and Voila; beautiful Voile (sorry, couldn't resist). I didn't even have to mist them as there was little to no wrinkling. I would be happy to have you place this email on your site as a testimonial to your professionalism. 


Thank you, Leo 

Date: 9-20-12


Subject: Service


Again, I want to thank you Jonathan for doing such a great job in making my sheers. Your fabric and craftsmanship is excellent. No ironing needed right out of the box, they went up and will there for the next 20 years. I took this with my new iphone. Not bad! If you need reference for any customer, send them my way! 

You can see how nice your curtains are!  You are the best sewer in the whole world. Thank you and for being so reasonable!  kb

Ron & Cathy
Chico Ca



Subject: Service


Dear Jonathan. I am Frances and I wanted to tell you that the sheers my 
daughter, Connie, ordered arrived safely. I hung them immediately and they are 
a perfect size, fit, and color and look beautiful. I contacted Connie as soon as 
they came so that she would know that I had received them.

Thank you very much and I am so pleased with them. 
Beautiful workmanship, too.

Bakersfield, California  93306

Date: 10-16-11


Subject: Service


Hi Jonathan, Received my sheers today. They are gorgeous and they fit the 
window perfectly. Thank you for excellent service and a beautiful finished product. 

Voorhees NJ

Date: 10-12-11



Subject: Service


Jonathan, I wanted to say a great big thank you ! My draperies and sheers are amazing ! They fit 
perfectly and look awesome ! Will be back to you soon for bedrooms !

Thanks again,

Collegeville, Pa

Date: 10-10-11



After receiving Sheer Draperies 



Ramsey NJ 

Date: 6/25/11


Subject: Service


The new draperies and sheers arrived a couple of days ago and when I hung for
the first time they looked so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard 
work that you did. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. 
I hope that we can do business again sometime.

Thanks again,

Sincerely yours,

Lakewood Co

Date: 5/16/11


Subject: Service


Hi Jonathan: I received the sheers during the week and we hung them today. 
They look beautiful. Thank you for a quality job. It was a pleasure doing 
business with you. 

From NY

Date 3/27/2011


Subject: Service


Here is my custom drapery story.

I shopped  for custom semi sheer draperies for two years, online and bricks & mortor stores but did not feel comfortable ordering, after all I have two large sliding glass doors with transom windows above, so it was going to 
be an investment. I ran across the site when I was googling for custom draperies, inquired about fabrics and how the fabrication  process was done since I had since discovered that most places farm out the sewing to a factory. I spoke to the  owner (Jonathon), got a more than competitive quote and ordered.

The wait was more that worth it, my sheer, seamless drapes are stunning and in my opinion as perfect as they could possibly be!  The pleats are just the right amount of fullness and the hems are even. They open and close 
effortlessly because of the high quality rods. The rods are the perfect balance of form and function. The drapes glide along a white fluted wood rod that match my wood trim and fluted wood on fireplace. If anyone wants to know anymore about my custom  drapery experience feel free to ask me anything. I would recommend and will use it 

Drapery Hardware Used.

Select Drapery Hardware
 Decorative Wood Pole Traverse Rod.

again myself. Kudo's 


Locust Grove, VA 




Subject: Testimonial


Hi Jonathan,

I just wanted to let you know again how pleased I am with the Embroidered Pleated Sheers Style Chad with Pearl,  know they were a daunting task since the width was 177 inches wide without a split in the center. Your workmanship is exquisite and the material is gorgeous. I can’t wait to get the Swags and Jabots, then we will start the Three pairs of pleated sheers I need for the Atrium windows.

As far as I am concerned Jonathan will be my designer for draperies until he decides to retire.

Thank you again Jonathan for the excellent job.

From Diamond Bar, Ca



Subject: Service


Hi, Jonathan!

We were able to get the sheer draperies up with the pleated draperies, and they look beautiful!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our sheers.  Also, thank you so much for all your  hard work in trying to get the curtains out to us ASAP.  We were able to get the sheers in time  for our big party!

Thank you for your excellent service.

Richardson, TX



Subject: Excellent service


Hi Jonathan!

Just a note to let you know my toppers are up and they are wonderful! My friend came and adjusted them so that they  are perfectly spaced. I will take pictures soon and e-mail them to you. The pillows are great too! I just ordered some  fabric to coordinate with new chairs. When I get the fabric, would you be able to make pillows for me? I wouldlike to  leave a testimonial for you, so let me know how to do that and I will!

Thanks again for everything! My husband and friend were most impressed!

Duluth, MN



Subject: Product


Below is the order for two more sets of sheers—all in the same fabric, ADO 35 1 Pair style sh103 size 49” X 105.1/4 for the office 1 Pair style sh103 size 49” X 105.1/4 for the playroom I will also need 2 of the 1 ˝ projection curtain rods.The other sheers and the door panels look GORGEOUS, FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, ELEGANT.  

Thanks again!

Round Rock, TX
Sun 6/6/04


Subject: superb craftsmanship


After looking in the malls and perusing tons of catalogs I couldn’t find draperies that I liked for our new home. I thought
 I would search for a drapery company online. I was nervous about going this route, as shopping online can be a scary proposition. Shopping for custom draperies online can be daunting and risky too. After speaking with Mr. , the owner and drapery designer, I felt assured that he understood my vision and his kind and patient input was invaluable. I took a chance and ordered my pinch-pleated draperies from Moods By Jonathan. When my draperies arrived my husband and son could not believe the superb craftsmanship! The draperies are just beautiful. I am waiting for the delivery of my second set of draperies from Jonathan is a true professional and artist and works with his clients far and above the call of duty.

Evelyn  NY






Hi, Jonathan! I haven't forgotten you. I still have your samples, and I haven't measured yet. Can you believe that? I've been soooo busy. You see, the double rods are up and there are valances on them, and the sheers I selected will hang on the 2nd rod. But the 2nd rod is not there -- I gotta find what I did with it and then measure for the 3 curtains that I need. Thanks for being patient. I will definitely get back to you and get that estimate!  What a great service Lynne

West Bend, WI



Subject: Service 


For the quality and service and your patient, input was invaluable.

Sarah and Jeff
Nashville, TN





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